12x16 Shed Roof Designs – What your shed plans won’t tell you.

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Picking the roof design for 12x16 shed plans is a critical first step in building a shed because the design of the roof of your new shed is has an impact on the cost to build the shed and in some cases will determine the approval by city or homeowners association regulations relating to shed height and architectural style relating to outbuildings. This article will discuss the three roof styles which will influence the look and cost to build your shed so you can be a little better informed when purchasing your 12x16 shed plans.

Cape Cod design (Steep roof): Of the three roof styles discussed in this article the steep roof of the Cape Cod shed design is the hardest  and most expensive to build.  There are simply more construction materials used when building the larger roof and this adds to the cost. It is arguably the most beautiful which is why it is a popular addition to a well landscaped back yard. The typical Cape Cod or New England shed design typically has 8/12 to 12/12 roof pitch which means that or every 12 inches horizontally the roof goes it also goes up 8 or 12 inches. This steeper roof makes the shed look more like a cottage than a storage shed, especially when windows and a few trim details are added. Another benefit of the steeper roof pitch is the increased storage space gained up in the roof rafters.

Low Pitched Shed Roof Design: If you are looking for pure utility and want the regular storage shed look then the low pitched roof gable end shed may be your solution. It is a little more expensive than the lean to shed and less expensive and easier to build than the Cape Cod shed design. The lowest roof pitch for a low pitched shed roof is usually 4/12 because that is the minimum roof pitch for most asphalt shingle roofing.

Lean To Shed Roof Design: The lean to shed roof is identified by a single plane sloping roof. The roof rafters go all the way from one side of the shed to the other in a continuous slope. This roof style is the least expensive to build as long as the roof slope is kept to a minimum so the walls on the high roof side do not need to be very high. Using  metal roofing made for low slope roofs, 2/12 or less, also reduces the construction costs.  Lean to shed roofs are often used when the roof profile of the shed needs to be kept to a minimum or the owner is looking for a more modern looking shed.

Now that you have a better understanding of the impact that roof design has on your shed building project you will be better able to pick the perfect 12x16 shed plans. The perfect storage shed plans will help you keep your shed building project on budget, the authorities happy with the design, and compliment your yard or garden. Find out more about 12x16 shed plans at Icreatables sheds where you can view all three shed roof styles described in this article as well as all other types of shed designs.

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12x16 Shed Roof Designs – What your shed plans won’t tell you.

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12x16 Shed Roof Designs – What your shed plans won’t tell you.

This article was published on 2012/02/16